Our Terms & Conditions

Membership: Membership of AFVATN is open to all JCOs / ORs of Army, Navy& Air Force, Widows of Ex-servicemen who fulfill the terms and conditions of the AFVATN and subject to the aproval of the Governing Body of the AFVATN.
Note: If the membership is not aproved by the Governing Body of the AFVATN, the reasons of refusal shall be communicated to the veteran applicant concerned.

Admission Fee and Subscription:

The Admission Fee (Presently Rs. 200) and the Subscription (Presently Rs 50 Annually) shall be as decided by the Governing Body of the AFVATN from time to time.

Sources of Income:

1. Subscription from members. 
2. Donations/ Contributions from volunteer individuals/organisations duly approved by the Governing Body.
3. Lawful and authorized profit from any venture.
4. Loans from authorized sources for any approved activity.

Termination or Cessation of Membership:

The Governing Body of AFVATN shall have the power to expel/ terminate a member from the membership on any of the following grounds:

1. On death. 
2. On written resignation.
3. If found to be involved in any anti-activities.
4. If judged by any court of law to be a criminal offender.
5. If found guilty by means of anti propaganda of the Aims and Objectives of the AFVATN

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