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03 November 2016 Written by 
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Before third pay commission the trades were allotted to get the work done in a systematic manner and there was only one basic pay for all but the Group allowances were given separately while in service. On retirement/discharge this allowance seized and the pension was given as per the Rank only. To keep the forces young and fit, the soldiers were discharged at 35-37 years of age. But they were compensated by a reasonable 70% to 75% pension. To be precious this is the Original one rank one pension. After 1971 war everything changed, First Field Marshal of our country General FM Manekshaw sir’s retirement came the Third Pay Commission and overnight everything got changed.

Firstly the payments were fixed as per group wise and different groups started. With regard to pension the pension was reduced from 75% depending up on the length of service. A soldier who was getting 75% came down to 35% by way of pension proportionate to number of years of service. Thousands of soldiers were sent on discharge before completion of 15 years in the name of Reservists as reduction of service establishment without pension. Our country witnessed three major wars with in a period of 10 years and so many lost their lives and their families also were also affected very badly because of the new policy.

There is no documentary evidence of our COAS/CAS/CNS of that period raising any objection for this. The JCOs/ORs are governed by separate Pension Regulatory act and Officers are governed by CCS pension rules. So the actual sufferers were only men and not officers. That was the reason why no one bothered to look after this issue seriously. The then Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi has assured One Rank One Pension to compensate the loss to jawans. But nothing happened afterwards. The General who accepted this 3rd CPC recommendation became Ambassador of Denmark. First time this issue was started in 1976 but was not successful due to various reasons unknown. Except for few Generals, rest all have either became Ambassadors or Governors and had a nice future for next 5 to 10 years.

Again this issue was started now by an Army Officer with the support of Jawans in 1982 and negotiations were going on with the government. Different parties came to power from 1973 onwards but the net result was zero only.

The concept of OROP is mainly for the JCO/Ors only because of early retirement and to have some what a normal life after retirement. But in due course this subject was taken up by others and they got all the benefits. Now from Maj.Gen and above equivalent in all three forces, BSF, CRPF. Hon Judges people and are all covered by OROP.

Whenever there was some problem, the previous government has given some improvement in the pension only. It was declared openly OROP is not feasible and only bridging the gap was done. In 5th Pay Commission recommendation they recommended lateral induction to CRPF/CAPF for the jawans but were denied by the government. In 6th CPC also it was denied.

Now because of this OROP issue one veteran has committed suicide which is unfortunate incident. This clearly shows that veterans are not aware of so many facts about OROP in details and that is the reason still they are under the wrong impression of those officers  whoever is claiming that we are fighting for the sake of Jawans only.

There are so many other facts are there which cannot be put publically. Now AFVATN wants to ask the so called God Fathers of JCO/ORs certain clarifications.

  • Are you really fighting for the sake of JCO/ORs welfare now?
  • Did you not know that great injustice was done to them from 1973?  
  • Why have you not tried to find a solution when you were in the top post?
  • How do you say what is given by this government is not OROP but ORFP (One Rank Five pension)?
  • As per Koshiyari committee report nowhere the group system wise pension is mentioned. Why have you not raised this main issue as anomaly (96% of JCO/ORs belonging to Y group)?
  • Why the DGL chart which was prepared earlier was dropped?

Apart from the above we have some more questions for you sir. Since you claim that you are the only association who are fighting for the welfare of veterans.

  • I have witnessed in media all the Generals (retired) quoting MSP is given for the hardship faced by soldiers (here you are including yourself also).  If it is true then why you are not asking for EQUAL MSP should be given to all since all are undergoing the same hardship and practically more than officers?
  • Why are you not asking that High altitude allowance and hard living area allowance should be equal to all soldiers irrespective of ranks since all are facing the same problem?
  • Why the DGR license should be given only to officers and not for men who also can handle so many establishments successfully?
  • Why have you not taken up the issue of reemployment of soldiers in CRPF/CAPF etc with same seniority?
  • Why have you not raised the point of minimum wages revision in DGR   and demand irrespective of place all should be paid equally instead of Class 1/2/3 because nowadays cost of living is same everywhere?
  • Why the welfare of Reservists pensioners’ case was not projected?

Dear sir if you could kindly clarify our all these doubts, surely we will not doubt your integrity. Otherwise we will come to a conclusion that you are using poor veteran soldiers for your own political career. I would like to quote your own slogan before finishing the letter followed by our slogan.



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# CV KUMAR 2017-01-07 20:33
no body committed suicide for the sake of soldiers and that was totally mysterious case as that gentleman was getting more than 22000 rupees as pension and nobody can be so dumb to commit suicide for a dispute?? we all can understand the game behind this case.
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# Sarat Kumar Pani 2016-11-10 14:16
Sir retire from Army 30 Apr 15 after 24 yrs Hav ACP-I(Nb sub) my basic pension 9382. As per OROP Table No 7 24 yrs Hav ACP I (Nb Sub basic pension is 9429. I asked PCDA (P) ALD the same case. The reply vide their letter No AT/PSB/II/CPPC/odisha/16 is OROP is applicable to pre retiree 01/07/14. You are retired on 30/04/16. What about My basic pension as per VII
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# Sarat Kumar Pani 2016-11-10 14:07
Sir retire from Army 30 Apr 2015 24 years service Hav ACP I (Nb Sub) my basic pension is 9382. As OROP Table no 7 Hav ACP I (NbSub) basic pension is 9429.I asked to PCDA(P) ALD .PCDA reply vide their letter No AT/PSB/II/CPPC/Odisha/16 dt 10 Aug 16 is OROP is applicable for pre retiree of 01/07/14. You are retire on 30/04/15. What about basic 7th PC after 01/07/14 retiree.
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# asit 2016-11-10 11:00
Sir, The statement that Group system started from 3rd CPC onward is not correct. I have joined the Air Force as Clk/EA on 20/08/1969 and that it was in 3rd group and there was 5 group in total.
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# CLVishwakarma 2016-11-05 09:25
It is due to our unawareness, the benifit was given solders hiped by defence officer on the of jawan(pbor)
During the service these officers were highly paid along with all facilities and benifits.
Today if you compare salary of a jawan is more than a retired officer. Now a days new trend has in focus the downgrading of status with civil services & less pension.
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# Prabhakaran C K 2016-11-03 19:15
The statement that groups started with third pay commission was wrong. I have joined and served Air force in second Pay commission era ( 1969) and there were five groups in Air force at that time.The groups were not changed by third pay commission . Recommendation of Third CPC became effective in 1976,and groups second CPC continued.
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# N. Mohanarangan 2016-11-03 19:25
Vn Prabhakaran please note that 3rd CPC was effective from 1973. It is very clearly mentioned that group wise salary was fixed after 3rd CPC only. All the problem started from there only.
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# RADHAKRISHNAN V 2016-11-03 12:23
Sir., I am board out from service 10yrs, 3 months & 1 day service during 1993 (Hav-Gp-B). Now drawing service element & Dis elements (80% - now 100%). Kindly clarify that if I am eligible for DL-33 arrears, if so, how much I will get (email- ) or phone. 9442577873. From Radhakrishnan, Pondicherry.
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