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31 December 2016 Written by 
Published in News & Events

Armed Force Officers forced for demand of NFU ( Non-Functional Upgradation ) but everybody in Armed Forces is equally important. It's all team work.Single non performer harm country equally. Appeasement of any type is dangerous whether it is officers/JCOs or Jawan etc. Our constitution also confirm it, but all have its own mean as per their convenient. Disposing of the petitions filed by Col Mukul Dev from the Judge Advocate General’s Branch and about 160 other officers, the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) ruled in favour of a petition demanding non-functional upgradation NFU for Armed Forces officers on the pattern of civil services officers of Group 'A' services. The NFU entitles an IAS and other Group 'A' services officers to get the pay scale of the highest promoted officer of their batch even if he or she is not promoted to the same rank.

The principal bench of AFT here, comprising officiating chairperson Justice B P Katakey and Lt Gen Sanjiv Langer, delivered the judgement. The aim of giving NFU is to alleviate the stagnation in the service due to non-promotion. The judgement says that if NFU is implemented for civilians in 7th Pay Commission, then it will also be given to Armed Forces officers. This NFU would be applicable also to those who are not part of the petitioners.

aft logoNow new question arise, why the NFU only for Officers, why not for Jawan/JCOs answer is very simple because Armed Forces Officers think that they are useless, they do nothing for country. Why there is a difference between Officers and Jawan/JCOs and that is maintained everywhere, including pensions, allowances, benefits, etc. But everybody knows a Jawan/JCOs retires at the prime age of 35 to 45 years where as a Officers in Armed Forces serves till 54 to 60 years.And how much hardships the soldier undergoes guarding our frontiers at freezing temperatures and facing the enemy bullets, so that Indian people will be safe back home comfortably. There is a difference between rights and greed. Now the officers are demanding for pure greed. Still they are showing their greed. In short they are blackmailing the Govt.

Government always favour Armed Forces Officers. Peasant is dying because of drought and these officers are getting increase in their allowances beside hush money they are earning. Now first rank of officers in Armed Forces is earning more than lakh per month and graduate accounts officer in Pvt Ltd company earns less than 35 thousand. There is no limit to grumbling. Even if these Officer's all demands are accepted, but still they are grumbling. Think about those who are more qualified but working in the private sector who pay taxes and there is no job guarantee, forget pension.

In private sector, there is no job guarantee, no pension, no one knows if he will on job tomorrow or not, and only performance plays the role, nothing else. The Armed Forces Officers joined duties with certain terms and conditions then why to compare with IAS/IFS/IPS/IRS/IOF/IES/IDAS/IDSE officers. Armed Forces Officers enjoy so may facilities that an ordinary man even cannot imagine. These Officers need to think about Jawan/JCOs too. It is natural that once you accept un-reasosnable demands on the basis of agitation more are awaiting to surface.

Government cannot harm the economy just to satisfy a group. The govt should withdraw whatever approved. These people are not deserving more anything. Whatever they are getting is enough. These people demand one after another, thinking that the govt is bow down its head.The armed forces all have to be given the right status not just officers. In armed forces we must respect, give due recognition to lower strata as well.

That is secret of winning formula to make every one give his best voluntarily in the interest of the cause , even the life. Our political leadership needs to understand the quality and leadership of our Armed Forces and think that they never raised the welfare points of Jawan/JCOs. We have already lost valuable time and the Jawan/JCOs of Armed Forces have already suffered as such. Let it not suffer any further. Better Govt wake up in time and give their dues ( Equal MSP, HA allowances etc )of Jawan/JCOs in time and upkeep the moral of Indian soldiers.

Author: Anil Kumar Bhadula.

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# krishnan1 2017-01-11 22:57
Let me give the example of coast guard which has NFU. CG was created, as the navy did not want to waste highly trained personnel on policing, anti-smuggling and like jobs. We were offered one rank promotion to join CG. But as ex-NDAs, the nature of job was more important. If one were to total ALL coast guard ships (cost), the chances are that it will not even add up to the cost of ONE major warship. The DG CG job is at best a Rear Admiral job, for the kind of assets and responsibilities. Unfortunately, it appears that today we have a situation, where candidates will prefer CG to the navy. where is the comparison in the level of training and the level of job.and the kind of assets. In so far as NFU to PBOR is concerned, if there is one for in the civilian side it must be extended to the PBOR too.
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# krishnan1 2017-01-11 22:55
In the armed forces, there is little if any difference between officers who get promoted and those who do not. Further, officers who get promoted during war are quite different from peace time. Comparison with civilians in MoD or for that matter with other government officers is of paramount importance, army does not function in a void. There is exodus in the other services with dramatic salaries in the merchant navy and the airlines. If you do not have NFU, you conclusively consign armed forces career as a second rate career attracting only rejects from other services.
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# Ravindranath B 2017-01-11 21:16
It is high time the Govt should seriously investigate the whole matter and bring justice to Jawans. Be in the matter of pay, promotion, terms and condtions, food, accomodation etc. Also equalisation in all possible anomalies such as MSP, High altitude allowances, disability allowance etc so as to keep the morale of the Jawans high. The pay of the jawans need to have an urgent re-look..and the difference should be kept the bare minimum...
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# Bhuvneshwar S Sharma 2017-01-09 14:08
Actually entire pay structure of Govt employees & Indian Military is messed up including allowances & perks etc. There is a urgent need to rationalise it otherwise it will create friction which is not healthy for a good Society.
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# Major AM Manohar, 2017-01-04 11:48
I want to project two points both to the officers and the PBOR.

1. NFU is indeed a booster to the financial wellbeing of the superseded officers, but will have serious repercussions in the working of the day today functioning between the officers of various ranks and the dissatisfaction in the PBOR whom they command for this selfish arrangement. Our work culture is rank based and the NFU mitigates this structure as it did with the pay scale comparison between the civilians in MOD and the military officers.

2. The PBOR must not have crab mentality to pull down their own officers for every incentive they get in the officer cadre. All through government services both the officers and the lower ranks are paid at a differential manner in pay, allowances, and perks. All grievances must be projected in a saner way without blackening own forces when an anomaly is noticed.
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# Santy 2017-01-02 22:06
Rightly said. The courts and the government should be approached to give the same to all concerned. Actually we should adopt the communist attitude of equal pay to all irrespective what their responsibilities are...

Maybe better still implement the right from the president of the nation to the peon. Equality should be everywhere right from pay to perks and pelf!!!!!!
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# Narinder Kumar 2016-12-31 09:44
:zzz :zzz :eek: Let President ,PM, COS, CNS, Chief Secretary toGOI, JCO, JAWAN, civilian clerk etc etc everybody get the same pay and perks! Keep it up Anil Kumar ji. :zzz :zzz
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# karunakaran a ex hav 2016-12-31 08:42
Do not rely on indian army officers to get our genuine dues. why the other rank are not entitled for NFU, we do not have stagnation stage in our promotion venue. officers will never highlight the problems of other ranks to the government. let us form our own forum to represent the other ranks to approach the government.
there are three allowances that should be equal to all

1. MSP 2. disability pension 3. hardship allowances
remaining the rank pay they deserve let them take
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