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Financial assistance for Funeral of ESM

The Armed Forces personnel, by virtue of isolation imposed by the service conditions, generally remain cut off from society. The meager terminal benefits received on his retirement mostly are spent in acquiring a house. In such a case, worsened by uncooperative attitude of most agencies, they find it difficult to start off into a second career. Without a stable source of income, burdened with usual social and family responsibilities, when they become old age, most of ESM land up in a state of poverty. In the extreme cases, a widow of ESM borrows money for his last rites. To mitigate such a situation, a scheme for grant of money to a widow for funeral of her ESM husband was introduced. This scheme to provide financial assistance to widows of ESM was started in May 2007 with an amount of Rs 5,000/-.


The aim of this aid gratis is to provide financial assistance to a widow for the last rites of her ESM husband.

Financial Assistance

For funeral out of AFFDF is provided as onetime of Rs.5000/-.

Eligibility Conditions

The following criteria must be fulfilled:-

(a) Applicant must be widow of an ESM.
(b) Should be of rank Havildar & below.
(c) Should be recommended by respective ZSB.
(d) Should not have taken money from ADLRS (Army/Navy/AF) for the funeral.


Application should be made on the prescribed application format with recommendation of the Zila Sainik Welfare Officer (ZSWO) on it. A specimen application form is placed at Annexure 1. Copies of the following documents duly attested by the concerned ZSWO must accompany the application:-

(a) Complete Service Discharge Certificate/Book.
(b) Death Certificate issued by the Competent Authority.
(c) Widow I-Card issued by concerned ZSB.
(d) A certificate from widow stating that she has not availed ADLRS assistance.
(e) Details of Bank A/c No (in PNB/SBI only) and IFS Code.

Channel of Application

The application must be submitted by an eligible widow at her respective ZSB at the earliest. The ZSWO will scrutinize the application and if found correct in all respects, will forward it (hard copy as well as soft copies) along with other applications on a monthly basis, direct to KSB Sectt for payment. Old cases will not be entertained.

Processing at KSB Sectt.

On receipt in the Welfare Section, these applications will be filed in order of receipt. The Section-in-Charge will assign this file to a particular clerk who will enter the desired data from the applications onto the computer. Another clerk will be designated to check correctness of the entries. The Section-in-Charge will verify the same and put up the printed list to JD(Welfare) for approval. Such applications pertaining to payment from AFFDF will be processed for approval of competent authority.

Payment Procedure

After approval of the Competent Authority, the approved list of applicants will be processed for payment by Welfare Section. After verifying the ESM's service number, name, bankers IFS Code and account number, the Welfare Section will forward the payment instructions to the Accounts Section, who will make the payments directly via ECS or by an account payee cheque.

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Annexure 1

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